The Pacific’s commitment to providing accessible, affordable and quality education to  Students is commendable through the development of the 2009-2015 Pacific Education Development Framework and the outcome of the 18th  Conference for Education Ministers to create the Commonwealth Students’ Association. Despite the commitments shown at the Ministerial level, there is still a need for the inclusion and recognition of student associations across the multi-layered education sector in the Pacific region. Student associations aim for  equitable access to tertiary education, promote quality education, and strengthen student participation at all levels of relevant decision making processes. Some of the emerging issues include the need for an enabling environment for effective delivery of education including support for qualified teachers, with adequate funding requirements. There is also the need to mainstream disability measures into all aspects  of the education sector.  One of the major concerns raised by young graduates today is the lack of employment opportunities available upon completion of their studies.

The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) is working through the Pacific Students’ Association (PSA) to engage with students in the region and strengthen their the student voice in decision making processes in education. The PSA was established on the 15th September 2012.