The Commonwealth Students’ Association would not be here without students! To register your interest in becoming a member of the Commonwealth Students’ Association please complete the form on this page and follow the instructions on the sample letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

      1. A full member shall be a National Student Organisation that:

i.      is governed by students;

ii.      represents the majority of students in a Commonwealth member state;

iii.      has a democratically elected leadership;

iv.      formally commits to the Constitution of the CSA; and ,

v.      is formally approved for membership by the CSA

      2. An associate member shall be any student organization or an organization working in the interests of students that:

i.      represents the views of students;

ii.      has a democratically elected leadership;

iii.      formally commits to the  Constitution of the CSA; and,

iv.      is formally approved for membership by the CSA

NB:  ALL Membership is voluntary

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