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What is the CSA?

The Commonwealth Students’ Association is the joining of student organisations within the Commonwealth. Their role is to be an independent advocate for students and brings students’ perspectives into the policy decision making processes of the Commonwealth.

Is the CSA independent?

Although the CSA is endorsed by Education Ministers of Commonwealth Member states, supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat and by various stakeholders in education, the Commonwealth Student Association will operate autonomously.

From its conception to the launch of the CSA, student leaders stressed the need for an independent voice but recognised that they should be considered as partners when bringing about change.  To this effect the CSA recognise that there will be some instances where they are required to work with variety of stakeholders but will be non-aligned.

When was the CSA established?

The CSA was formally established in August 2012 at the 18th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Port Louis Mauritius.

Why was the CSA established?

At the 17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) held in June 2009 in Malaysia, students stressed the need for greater focus to be given to the role they can take in the decisions making processes of the Commonwealth. Given this, regional and pan-Commonwealth consultations took place held with student leaders towards enhancing greater participation of students in the Commonwealth. During these consultations, youth across the Commonwealth strongly advocated that students should be meaningfully engaged in policy formulation, implementation and monitoring. In this light a student associated was proposed.

Who are the members of the CSA?

Membership of the CSA shall be voluntary and shall comprise of national student associations organisations (full membership) and shall also be open to all other student organizations (associate membership)

How can I join the CSA?

Please  complete our first tier online application form, and send your formal letter requesting membership on letter head paper and a copy of your constitution or charter by email to    or by post to Commonwealth Students’ Association Coordinator, Commonwealth Secretariat, Youth Affairs Division, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom,  SW1Y 5HX.  Please find our membership criteria by clicking here.

How can I get involved

The CSA welcomes any resources and support that will help it achieve its goals; there are various ways students can get involved.  To find out more information please visit the Getting  Involved section of our website.

What are The CSA Regional Working Groups?

The CSA regional working group, spearheaded by the representatives of the CSA Steering Committee, will oversee the development of the CSA within the region to increase its visibility and develop strategic partnerships for sustainability.

Who sits on the CSA Steering Committee?

There are 9 members of the Steering Committee including a Chair who does not have any voting rights.  Exclusive of the 9 members there are two ex-officio Members who act as advisors when and where needed.

Stanley Njoroge – Kenya

Africa Representatives:
Danielle Grufferty – United Kingdom
Thompson Luzendi – Zambia

Asia Representatives:
Ayswarrya Ganapathiraman – India
Zainab Khan – Pakistan

Caribbean Representatives:
Daniel Wilson – Jamaica
Kevin Ramsewak – Trinidad and Tobago

Pacific Representatives:
Jam’al Talagi – Niue
Pete Hodkinson – New Zealand

The Steering Committee will serve a two year term before convening an election for the first officers of the CSA.

To find out more information on the Steering Committee please click here

What will the CSA Steering Committee do?

With a two year timeline, the Steering Committee was asked to:

- Develop the strategic direction of the Commonwealth Student Association;
- Draft / or develop the policy and procedures of the Commonwealth Student Association;
- Identify partners for the Commonwealth Student Association and develop plans for collaboration, in accordance with the Association’s purposes, values and principles
- Raise the profile of the Commonwealth Student Association ;
- Identify and develop  services that  the  for Commonwealth Student Association can provide for its  members;
- Produce quarterly status reports on the work of the steering committee for dissemination to students in the Commonwealth ;
- Identify and develop a campaign strategy In consultation with which ? students in the Commonwealth,
- Develop a sustainability and fundraising plan;
- Develop Commonwealth Student Association website;
- Finalise a logo and branding in line with Commonwealth guidelines and in;
- Act as representatives of the  Commonwealth Student  Association;
- Provide general correspondence for the Commonwealth Student Association
- Develop a strategy to ensure that documentation, distribution and archiving of materials is done on a regional and international level

How do I establish a CSA Chapter in my University/College?

The CSA welcomes the promotion of its work throughout the Commonwealth. Please contact us at for more information.