Team1 Stanley Njoroge (Kenya)


George Stanley Njoroge is a versatile and diligent twenty eight year-old Accounts student, currently pursuing his C.P.A. qualifications at Royal Business School, Nairobi. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and African Literature from the University of Nairobi.

Stanley has a keen interest in Governance, Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development. He believes that he has an international and inter-generational mandate: to do his part in healing the world and making it a better place for current and future generations. He believes that part of this would include amplifying student voices to be heard in policy making and strategy formulation across the world. He has held various positions of leadership in the Scout movement, student leadership and is a former chair of the UNESCO Youth Forum in Kenya. He currently works at the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO as a Research Officer.

Emmanuel Wabwire

Emmanuel Wabwire (Uganda)

Africa Region Representative

Emmanuel Wabwire is a passionate African youth leader; his belief is our dreams are reality if we make them so.

He pioneers students across countries as an agent of development as the Chief Executive Officer of the International Development Students Society and Events Manager for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Holder’s Association. He is the former Guild President Uganda Christian University, former Secretary International Affairs for the Uganda National Students Council and former Treasurer for the Uganda Red Cross Society Youth Council among others. Above all, He is a global volunteer and agent of behavioral change.



Danielle Grufferty (United Kingdom)Team2

Africa Region Representative

Danielle Grufferty grew up in Surrey just south of London and studied International Development at the University of Liverpool. She was awarded a scholarship to do an MPhil in Social Anthropology at Girton College, Cambridge, while at the same time serving on the Executive Council of National Union of Students in the United Kingdom.

Danielle served as a  full-time Vice President of  the National Union of Students (UK) and is very excited about working how the Commonwealth Students’ Association will help student leaders to spread values of peace and social justice throughout the world. During her time as Vice-President worked on the Global Students Summit with the European Students’ Union which aimed to bring together students leaders from around the world to share ideas and promote peace and prosperity. Danielle is passionate about students being treated as citizens of society and the wider world and the importance of organising communities to bring social change.


Team4Ayswarrya Ganapathiraman (India)

Asia Region Representative

Ayswarrya Ganapathiraman is a passionate youth leader dedicated to the cause of youth empowerment. With excellent prowess in youth leadership and advocacy, her commitment to youth development is evident in all she does.

She has worked effectively on the CSA Steering Committee since August 2012 as Asia Region representative and has been actively involved in formulating the policy documents for the CSA. She was the Asia regional focal point for youth on the Commonwealth Post-2015 Development Framework for Education Ministerial Working Group, submitted to UNESCO. Apart from representing the interests of Asian students during the 18th CCEM in Moka, Mauritius, Ayswarrya has also ably represented CSA at international conferences such as Asia Youth Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, India and the 9th Commonwealth Youth Forum in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.

Ayswarrya holds a Bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering.

Zainab Khan (Pakistan)Team5

Asia Region Representative

Zainab believes that paradigms and perceptions don’t change facts. She creates visions and dreams from facts. To her, facts, no matter how brutal, turn on the infinite potential present in all of us.

Zainab has been a part of the Steering Committee of the Commonwealth Students’ Association since August 2012. She has been actively involved in representing the CSA on various forums on a national level. She has worked for a campaign which was on ‘right to education’ with the British Council. Little did she know that she would eventually make chose to work in the field of development. She realized that children need hope, and they seek opportunities wherever they can find them and learn from them, and this is what she managed to inculcate in her life.

Zainab is pursuing her Bachelors in Economics, and she aims to work in the field of education.



Dinesh use

Dinesh Gajendran (India)

Asia Region Representative

Dinesh Gajendran had graduated with MBA, M.A in Advertising & Public Relations, Bachelors in Science (B.Sc), Diploma in Sports Management (DSM), Graduate in Embracing Commonwealth Values (ECV), Masters in Political Science (pursuing).

Founder of youth led, youth focused organisation named “Audacious Dreams Foundation” India works for youth and sustainable development.  He plays diversified role as youth activist, social entrepreneur, social worker, policy maker, educationalist, film maker, sportsman etc. He worked globally including “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, UNESCAP, Commonwealth Secretariat, United Nations, SAARC and the list is unbounded. A keen policymaker works closely in many national initiatives with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of youth development, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India. Dinesh’s interest on global and sustainable development issues printed his presence in South Asian Youth Conference, Global Citizens Youth Assembly, South Asian Peace youth Camp, SAARC youth Camp, Youth for Human Rights initiatives etc.


Kemoy Lindsay

Kemoy Lindsay (Jamaica)

Caribbean Region Representative

Kemoy Lindsay is a Masters student at the University of the West Indies studying International Economics and International Law. He is a strong student advocate who has worked with several youth organisations including the National Youth Service, the University of the West Indies Guild of Students and is currently the Vice President of the Mona Campus Youth League. Kemoy was awarded a New York City Citation for outstanding citizenship for his contribution to Youth development. He is currently conducting a study with several key members of the University Campus to seek avenues for alternative funding to tertiary education by examining the impact that a larger participation of the private sector could yield. Kemoy has a passion for mentorship, a founding member of Volunteers Inc Jamaica, he leads several mentorship drives in inner-city communities targeting youths ages 14 through to 24. At present Kemoy teaches at a prominent High school in Jamaica where he continues to mold the minds of Jamaica’s youth.


Kevin Ramsewak (Trinidad and Tobago) 


Caribbean Region Representative

Kevin Ramsweak served as the President of University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus Guild of Students. Kevin has also served as the Vice President of the Guild of Students from 2011- 2012.  His journey as VP saw the first ever Guild Green Fest Orientation Program. As VP he presented himself to all the clubs and societies under his portfolio and created a diverse series of programs that saw the creation of Service Learning and Community Engagement Programs. The legacy of his tenure as VP can be seen in the new culture of volunteerism and service adopted by clubs and societies on Campus with a new passion towards the overall development of not just the immediate learning environment, but the nation.

There has been a major change as Kevin worked to see amends in policy and procedure ensuring that the Guild will have a lasting viability in the eyes of the students and other major stakeholders. Kevin continued to lead the way in advocacy and served as a member on every Board under the University of the West Indies. Under his leadership as President, the Guild became a greater voice in all matters of student development and he received the confidence and respect of Campus administration. Kevin is now an executive member of the historic National Students Union of Trinidad and Tobago which is now the new soul of student movement in the Republic ensuring that the high standards of governance is maintained in all tertiary institutions by adopting best practice policies and rotating much needed resources to whoever needs them the most.


Team8Jama’l Talagi (Niue)

Pacific Representative

Jama’l grew up in Niue, a raised coral atoll in the heart of the South Pacific. She obtained her education in Niue, New Zealand and the University of the South Pacific (USP), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marine Affairs. She was a Public Servant for the Government of Niue for 5 years working in various positions within the Fisheries and Agriculture Sector as well as the Personal Assistant to the Premier of Niue, 2011. Jama’l is currently pursuing Postgraduate studies at the University of the South Pacific in the field of Marine Affairs (Tuna Fisheries Management) and Climate Change. Jama’l is a Youth and Student leader in Niue and at USP and have served as the President of the Niue Students Association 2012/2013 and currently the chairperson for the Pacific Students Association.

Jamal is passionate about utilizing Pacific resources to better the lives of Pacific People and to help combat the issue of Climate Change that affect Pacific countries. She is also very passionate about empowering and educating youth to lead purposeful and useful lives in the development of the Pacific region and the world at large. Her hobbies include sports (Touch rugby, Womens rugby and Netball), gardening, fishing, singing and weaving. She is passionate about Pacific cultures, traditions and customs and would like to see a Prosperous Future for the Pacific and a region with healthy ecosystems.