Our Work

The Commonwealth Students’ Association is the joining of student organisations within the Commonwealth. Their role is to be an independent advocate for students and brings students’ perspectives into the policy decision making processes of the Commonwealth.


The CSA works to see a world where students across the Commonwealth are empowered to effect change in education and contribute to their societies; students are engaged as valuable partners in effecting the change that they seek in education; and where students have a credible and representative voice in developing education systems.


Upholding the values of the Commonwealth, the CSA will unite students, represent them, build their capacities and provide them with opportunities across the Commonwealth to address issues within the fields of education and global development. The CSA will advocate for and contribute to a world where students have the opportunities to address issues within education and fields of development.

Strategic Aims


The CSA aims to raise the profile of student associations and bodies across the Commonwealth.  The CSA will amplify the voice of students in the Commonwealth and promote greater recognition of the role of students as partners in education development.

Under its visibility work the CSA will:

  • Propel students’ voices to prominence and significance in policy and decision making.
  • Ensure results of work are evident across the Commonwealth.


The CSA recognises the voices of all students within the Commonwealth. As such, the CSA will work to build strong partnerships with student associations and bodies across the Commonwealth. The CSA will also support them by advocating their concerns and offering services to develop the capacity of students to participate in decision making.

Under its credibility work, the CSA will:

  • Work at the nexus of policy, advocacy and development for students
  • Conduct research and provide reports (including statistics) on the state of student concerns and development work.


The Commonwealth Students’ Association aims to mobilise resources and diversify income that will help it reach its overall strategic objectives.  The Commonwealth Students’ Association will also collaborate with partners and stakeholders to help meet these objectives.

Under its sustainability work the CSA will:

  • develop a strong network of partners and stakeholders helping to deliver its work
  • develop diverse income streams


The Association will create opportunities for students and members to be active in the delivery of its work. Under its engagement work the CSA will:

  • Build a strong regional presence
  • Broker opportunities to enhance the capacity of students in the Commonwealth

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